Dlink router SETUP - Dlinkrouter.local

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Dlink router SETUP - Dlinkrouter.local

Postprzez adamalbert4545 » 08 lut 2021, 8:24

The Access Control feature of a Dlink router allows the user to have control over the number of users who can access the network. With the help of the Access Control, a user can add or remove a user from having the authority to access the network. Using the various web filter methods, a user can also block access to the desired websites and grant access to the approved website. You can also put the limitation over the usage of the Internet, by limiting the access to a particular website according to the time or dates assigned by the main user. The feature is disabled by default, could be enabled and configured through the dlinkrouter.localmanagement window.

https://dlink-dlinkrouterlocal.com/dlin ... ter-setup/
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