It was later discovered that EA

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It was later discovered that EA

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FUT Hero items are rare players that FIFA 23 Coins can be found in specific packs of Ultimate Team. FUT Hero cards are given to players who've had a significant impact on the club or are famous like the former Manchester United midfielder Park Ji-Sung.

Because of the item's scarce nature, they're often highly expensive in FIFA 23 Ultimate's marketplace for transfers including some such as Yaya Toure being sold at 1.9 million coins that a prominent third-party marketplace for selling coins estimates at just under PS400.

It was later discovered that EA had a mistake and released this game, thus flooding the market with an enormous number of items and saw all of the prices plummet rapidly Some players lost more than 1 million FUT coins in value, or around PS200 when purchased through a third-party.

EA has yet to comment on the error. However, the damage to the market is irreparable. Most, if , not all players have lost value, and even though the market gained some momentum following the elimination from the pack and following shortage with FUT Hero items, the loss of coins is irreversible.

Participants who managed to buy the pack could be in some luck because the pack was advertised as buying FUT 23 Coins untradeable (meaning the item couldn't be traded via the exchange market) in the past where EA has offered a pack with an incorrect description it is typical for them to compensate players who purchased the original pack. As a result, certain players could get the two FUT Hero cards at a cost of as low as 25,000 coins.
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