I gotkindly contribute to the Nba 2k21 Mt

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I gotkindly contribute to the Nba 2k21 Mt

Postprzez bestrsgoldfast » 17 lis 2020, 7:57

Wow, I gotkindly contribute to the Nba 2k21 Mt mods here, that pinned comment is some classy you would never find the R/news mods doing that THIS HAPPENS EVERY YEAR N None of you GIVE A , JUST SKIP TO THE PART WHERE"regular players" and"I havent purchased a sports match in add years" go back to not giving a about sports games like yall always perform, unless yall gont create some real change occur

I've purchased the last three once they went on sale as a big hockey fan who is otherwise not into sports or sports games, and was amazed all of the I see about NBA was not in this franchise too.

I'm frankly not sure exactly why. And as such I'm also gonna presume the games do not sell too.

I don't play the sport, but I'm upset because if they get away with this one, it is merely a matter of time until it happens to MY game.

They want to charge you 70 ing bucks for this . 70 ing dollars along with the sport not only offers all those backgrounds ads along with the midroll replay ads where they flash a symbol at you, but they also have their digital currency system they ripped away from cellular games along with loot boxes.

You ever see how indie games aren't doing this ? Hell, you ever see how even AA games such as the cheap nba 2k21 mt coins only trigger series are not doing this ? Or for that matter, games such as elite dangerous, no person's skies, and many others.
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