The subject should not be moved to polls

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The subject should not be moved to polls

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After explaining to me the reasons it was not recommended, he buys an earth battlestaff. His reason for RuneScape Gold wearing a slayerdart was that he watched a lot of people on YouTube using it.

So all this lead to this topic; do you use Slayerdarts or use fire blast/ waveattacks? Do you not use magic at all and was this topic a complete waiste of your time? The subject should not be moved to polls. This is more of a discussion about why they use it, than that you use. Let's get to the main point. Can you explain why people still used it, even though death runes were more expensive?

The purpose of this thread is to share my speculation of the new skill alongside my perhaps more useful evidence basis. If you want the new ability to remain a total surprise then don't read on.

General Premises-Familiar Information about the new Skill.This section outlines three premise that everyone should consider when trying to understand the new skill. The first premise states that the new skill is applicable for both F2P as well as P2P. The evidence is given for the second.

The other premise is that the skill is based on the fundamental gameplay mechanic of Buy OSRS Accounts ThirdScape. This means that no matter what the skill is, it needs to be compatible with the entire game's dynamic gameplay. Evidence (RSOF QF 13-14-746-60289341, Mod MMG Q&A, question from The 39th Guy + MechScape Post #30 + statements like this one).
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