How do I check my TP-Link router firmware?

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How do I check my TP-Link router firmware?

Postprzez aaronfinch27af » 17 sty 2022, 7:39

While configuring the Wireless Schedule feature, a user has to make sure the System Time of his router is correct. If there is any fault in the System time, the Wireless Schedule will inappropriately take effect. The System time of a router is the total time for which a user operates his router, it can be controlled through the web interface of the window. From the main web menu Dashboard, go to the Advanced tab, select the System Tools then click on the Time settings tab to adjust the System tab of your device.
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Re: How do I check my TP-Link router firmware?

Postprzez samuelddarden » 16 lut 2022, 3:40

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